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Quality Veterinarian Services in Edgerton, Ohio

Keep your pets or livestock as healthy as possible. Whether you have a large farm or a single family pet, choose Buckeye Veterinary Hospital in Edgerton, Ohio, for small and large animal care, including vet checkups, spaying, and neutering.

Large Animal Care

We offer a variety of services for your large animals, including checkups and emergency care. Because some people travel with their horses and need to have their horses up to date on their shots—the doctor will come to you to see your large animals if you cannot make it in to the office. Let us vaccinate your:
  • Horses
  • Pigs
  • Cows
  • Sheep
  • Ducks
Young Girl with a Horse - Animal Clinic in Edgerton, OH

Cows - Animal Clinic in Edgerton, OH
Sometimes your animals may get sick or show signs of different conditions and the doctor will diagnose and treat them with medications that we have right here in the office. The doctor can also offer some minor surgical procedures or he will refer you to an animal hospital. He even treats broken bones.

Small Animal Care

Keep your furry friends in the best possible health by bringing them to Buckeye Veterinary Hospital. We offer small animal care in the office as well as emergency care for small animals, including dogs and cats. Come to us to learn which vaccinations your animals should have, when they should have them, and the importance of your animals having these vaccinations.


It is important for you to have a wellness check once a year in order to make sure your animal is staying healthy and stable. Sometimes our pets get sick and our doctor is skilled at diagnosing and treating a variety of illnesses. We offer all medications right here in the office.
Come to us for education on how to keep your pet happy and healthy and what foods are the best for your particular animal. You can bring your pets to us for Parvo tests, heartworm checks, spaying and neutering, and feline leukemia tests. During checkups, we:
  • Listen to Heart & Lungs
  • Check Their Ears & Heart
  • Make Sure They Are Eating & Drinking Properly

Animal Boarding


Cat - Animal Clinic in Edgerton, OH


What Can You Do to Stop the Suffering?

Spay and neuter your pet! In addition to saving lives, spaying and neutering can also drastically improve your pet's health and life expectancy. The idea that pets become fat or lazy when they are spayed or neutered is a myth. Sterilized pets lead healthier, longer lives.
Spaying a female eliminates the possibility of uterine and ovarian cancer and greatly reduces the risk of breast cancer. Neutering a male reduces the risk of both prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. Neutering also will make your pet more affectionate and less likely to roam, get in fights, or become lost.

Ensure your animals are feeling their best. Contact us today to request an appointment.